In developing and developed economies alike, greater demand for universal access and higher-quality health care has fueled the creation of innovative ventures in health care delivery, insurance, and technology. As a result, innovative enterprises around the world are embracing new opportunities to control costs and boost outcomes.

Introducing the innovation in global health care is certainly needed to advance the power of medical laboratory diagnosis. Doctors, physicians and all healthcare practitioners around the world like to have a clear and concise presentation of data regarding each of their cases/patients. Such data only comes out of high quality laboratories, and an expert consultant in that field is needed to assist in the production of effective laboratory results and innovative models. The consultant is a leader who guides practitioners, either in the pharmaceutical or health care industries, to adapt the most recent technologies in laboratory science.   

The face of global health care is constantly changing with new treatments, regulations, organizations and technological innovations to keep up with the world’s growing needs. In addition to negotiating the day-to-day demands of a busy and complex organization, health care executives and pharmaceutical CEO’s must also be able to evaluate and understand the impacts of upgrading from traditional lab practices and moving towards a more advanced approach with the use of high-tech equipment and methodologies.

Mission Statement

Carolina Laboratory Consultations and Export, LLC., is a domestic and international firm. The company is dedicated to provide consultations for practical improvements to current laboratories, helping to increase productivity and solve laboratory issues. CLCE also has the potential to design and build up-to-date laboratory facilities from the bottom up which will be suitable for a wide spectrum of applications.